Gum Therapy

When plaque hardens it’s known as tartar or calculus. When calculus forms beneath the gum line you are unable to brush and floss off the calculus yourself. In order to complete beneath the gum line cleaning, a dentist will need to numb the quadrant of the mouth we are working in so your dental hygienist can work on removing buildup comfortably. We will schedule your gum therapy into two different appointments, taking care of one side of the mouth at a time.

After completing Gum therapy : 


After you’ve completed all of the needed quadrants of Gum Therapy, you will need to maintain the healthy gums and bone levels by completing periodontal maintenance every 3 months until your dental hygienist recommends you are able to return to a 6 month regular schedule. 

Available at these locations:
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Available at all of our locations, but we will refer out if it is beyond our scope.