Botox for TMD

Botox in Dentistry:

Botox treatments can be extraordinary helpful for anyone experiencing bruxism, or the excessive grinding of the teeth or clenching of the jaw; it also assists in treating orofacial pain. People can experience headaches related to clenching and grinding, and with Botox, we can weaken those muscles to alleviate symptoms and significantly decrease pain in many patients. All Botox treatment is reversible and can last up to 3 months or longer when administered regularly. Although some improvement can be felt within a day or two of treatment, it typically takes several days to feel relief. People who've had Botox treatment for TMD can expect to return to their regular activities as soon as they leave the doctor's office, and be more active the next day!

Available at these locations:
Burnet Rd
Anderson Ln
Round Rock
Available at all of our locations, but we will refer out if it is beyond our scope.