Burnet office's Dr. Amanda Hartman has a special niche working with children and youth of the practice. She is certified in an exciting new approach that uses a non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive, and pain-free approach to help children sleep easy: HealthyStart!

What is HealthyStart?

It is a series of uniquely designed oral appliances that are worn for a few hours per day or during the night. The appliances promote nasal breathing and naturally widen the dental arches, developing the jaw naturally, while straightening teeth without using braces. This solution-based treatment program is set up to address red flags in dental and oral health before those red flags even manifest!

Snoring Kiddos?

"'Dr. Hartman, my kid is snoring!' is something I hear all the time from concerned parents," she says. "In cases like this, we want to take a look at how the jaws are growing and if the child is breathing through their nose or mouth. If the child is not correctly breathing through the nose, we can use the child's natural growth coupled with the HealthyStart appliance to help develop the jaw correctly and open the airway!”

photo of doctor hartman
Dr. Amanda Hartman
Available at these locations:
Burnet Rd
Available at all of our locations, but we will refer out if it is beyond our scope.