Products We Love

At FFD, our doctors and hygienists may recommend products based on evidence pertaining to your specific needs and oral health risks. This page shows a few products we love and recommend. If you need help, your dental professional will be happy to help you in this purchase! 

Sonicare Toothbrush

31,000 brushstrokes per minute, sonic vibrations clean deep to help remove plaque keeping the teeth and gums healthy.
*Can be purchased online or at Costco and most grocery stores*

Coco Floss

Floss is thick and woven to give you the ultimate clean feeling.
*Can be purchased on Amazon, in stores at Sephora, or on the Cocofloss website directly*

Arm + Hammer Baking Soda

This baking soda toothpaste is much less abrasive than many on the market which reduces enamel wear and tear! 
*Can be purchased at any grocery or drug store*