At Forest Family Dentistry, we take a holistic approach to fillings. We want to do whatever is best for your overall oral health. We believe that the “less is more” when it comes to fillings and we use scientifically advanced dental bonding to have better, longer lasting results. In the case of dental decay, minimally invasive dentistry and conservation of your natural and beautiful teeth is our prerogative. Caught early, a cavity can be removed painlessly and restored by bonding in a tooth-colored resin. We can often do this without anesthesia using our advanced electric dental handpieces and extremely efficient diamond instruments. 


These are the reasons why we use Conservative Tooth-Colored Fillings, and why you should request for them!

  1. They completely stop the progression of tooth decay, when done correctly
  2. The dentist uses minimally invasive techniques that preserve your teeth and your smile! 
  3. Forest Family Dentistry uses BPA-free and Mercury-free materials that perfectly match your teeth color. 
  4. They take less time to prepare, making your dental visit quicker. 
Available at these locations:
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Available at all of our locations, but we will refer out if it is beyond our scope.