Zoom (In Office)

Zoom whitening is a teeth bleaching system. It aids in lightening your dentin and enamel staining.  This procedure is an in office procedure that does take about 2 hours to complete. The assistant will start by covering your gums and lips in order to have your teeth fully exposed. We then apply the Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel onto your teeth and place the Zoom light over your teeth.  This process breaks up stains and discoloration on your teeth. We apply three to four 15 minute cycles. The results are immediate and you can even have trays delivered to your house in order to maintain the whitening.  

Zoom (Delivered)

You will receive a box within 7 business days that includes 1 set of custom trays, 1 tray case, 6 syringes of Phillips Zoom Whitening gel (DayWhite/NiteWhite), and a quick start guide for instructions.


KOR whitening is used for heavier staining after you have tried numerous teeth whitening products but still have not achieved your desired outcome! KOR is good for extremely sensitive teeth as the KOR desensitizer agent blocks the opening of the dentinal tubules as the whitening process is happening.  You start with whitening at home overnight in the custom trays made by the KOR lab for 2 weeks. At that time you will do the in office portion of the whitening process which takes about 2 hours. KOR is a great product for stubborn and hard stains including tetracycline staining. 

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Available at all of our locations, but we will refer out if it is beyond our scope.