Root Canal

If you have a damaged, decaying tooth or serious infection, your dentist may recommend a root canal treatment. Root canals are used to repair and save your tooth instead of removing it.

The soft tissue inside your tooth contains nerves, blood vessels, and provides nourishment for your tooth. It can become infected if you have:

  1. A deep cavity
  2. Repeated dental procedures that disturb this tissue
  3. A cracked or fractured tooth
  4. Injury to the tooth (even if it's not a visible crack/chip)

If untreated, the tissues around the root of your tooth can become infected. When this happens, you will often feel pain and swelling and an abscess may form inside the tooth and/or in the bone around the end of the root of the tooth. An infection can also put you at risk of losing your tooth completely because bacteria can damage the bone that keeps your tooth connected to your jaw.

How long will a root canal filling last?

With the proper care, your restored tooth can last a lifetime. Make it a point to brush twice a day for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste, clean between your teeth once a day and see your dentist regularly to make sure your teeth are strong and healthy.

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